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 Regal Kitchens

Unique design, expert knowledge, and entire dedication to customer satisfaction; just three of the explanations why numerous Regal Kitchens’ customers return to them for their next kitchen projects. And that’s precisely what happened with Mr& Mrs. Emerson, proud owners of the gorgeous lebensraum featured during this latest case study.


After working with Regal Kitchens in their previous two homes, it had been no surprise that Mr& Mrs. Emerson contacted the Essex-based Studio Partner again. The couple wanted to revamp the property to permit more pleasant and open plan lebensraum, so work commenced demolishing the prevailing kitchen and increasing it to become generous sized lebensraum.


With a neighborhood over 40sqm to play with, it had been right down to Regal Kitchens’ designer, John Martin, to figure alongside Mr& Mrs. Emerson to plan their new kitchen. Like many modern living spaces, this area of the house needed to be quite just a kitchen. The couple also wanted a ‘hidden’ utility space, a functional area when in use, but with hidden appliances so on not disrupt the general aesthetic. Mr& Mrs. Emerson also wanted to specialize in their lebensraum’s social aspect, with a separate area for hosting drinks with family and friends, and a cushty room with a television and soft furnishings.

The results represent themselves. John took on board all of the couple’s requests to style them lebensraum, which merely looks stunning and works effortlessly around their lifestyle.


John tells us how Regal Kitchens were ready to create a contemporary, ‘unfussy’ look by integrating the extractor above the hob, yet keeping rock bottom of the cupboards on the wall up a line. This linear look was complemented by the handle-less trims in brushed metal, enhanced effortlessly by the seamless strips which joined the oven and, therefore, the combi.


With the working triangle in mind, John designed the most sink to take a seat within the island, meaning that the lebensraum maintained its spacious, airy feel while minimizing the journey that the couple would make between the sink and other kitchen zones, like the oven or fridge. For easy use, Regal also added a further sink within the utility area.


The natural light provided by the sky-pod and bi-fold doors during this beautiful lebensraum would be a source of envy for several homeowners. Still, John wanted to make sure that no opportunity for washes of natural light was missed. The ‘hidden’ utility area, which was home to the kitchen window before the transformation, now housed wall cabinets, a sink, and a deep and wide larder unit. John managed to style during a narrow window instead of covering the wall entirely with an answer like a splashback, enhancing the minimalistic lebensraum’s general airy feel.


For most entertainers, a drinks area with a free-standing wine bucket, twenty-four-bottle wine rack, and worktop kitchen appliance, is that the making of dreams. These elements, combined with the bar area’s lighting, have created a zone for entertaining. So that merges seamlessly with the remainder of the kitchen and its own identity as a neighborhood for socializing.


Like cheese and wine, some duos create something fantastic when paired together, and that’s the case when it involves the contrasting finishes that Mr& Mrs. Emerson chose for his or her worktops. The statement piece is without question the gorgeous quartz worksurface that defines the island. The thickness, color, material, and finish create a magnificent contrast against the worksurfaces chosen for the remainder of the kitchen, creating a gorgeous overall aesthetic, enhanced further by the cupboards’ subtle dark bases. Visitors would never know that beneath the statement kitchen island worksurface was the integrated dishwasher, bins, sink, and extra storage.

The sole disruptions to the present clean finish are the crop up electrics, key for any on-the-go homeowner, and therefore the hot tap, an important when it involves food and drink prep, also as cleaning.

Disclaimer: Services provided here are only for Novelty, Education and Entertainment purposes only.