How to Write A Critical Review?

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How to Write a critical review?

When you are need to jot down a criticism, you may do 2 main things: summarize and assess a text. The critical review may be of a book, a chapter or a journal article. You’ve typically asked to browse the chosen text very well and conjointly alternative connected texts so as to gift a rational and sensible analysis of the selected text.

Being important doesn’t merely mean criticizing in an exceedingly negative method. Instead, it needs you to question the text and to gift your judgment or analysis of it moderately.

Although important reviews may need totally different analysis criteria looking at your discipline, they typically have the same structure. To jot down the review properly, you must check your assignment directions with relevance format, discipline-specific criteria, and alternative necessities.

Usual Structure of a critical review


Provide readers with the author(s) and therefore the data of the text to reviewed, and concisely justify the subject of the text. Accept however you’ll be able to relate the text you’re reviewing to its broader context. Within the introduction, you must gift the most argument of your review and embody a quick statement of your analysis of the text.


  • Summarizing a text to be reviewed is one in all the most parts of critical review writing. To jot down an honest outline, you should:
  • Present the concepts within the original text accurately, guaranteeing you cowl the most question the text makes an attempt to handle
  • Discuss the small print, as well as the proof the text uses to support the argument, and its conclusion
  • Ensure the outline is consistent and intelligible to browsers WHO haven’t read the initial text
  • Ensure the outline section is shorter than the analysis section that follows it


Remember that the outline section is predicated on the author’s concepts, concerning that you neither will create arguments nor judgments. You’ll be able to assess the initial text within the analysis section, instead. Here are some tips to urge started on important reviewing:

Base your discussion on selected criteria.

  • You can organize every criterion you decide on into a paragraph, as well as your negative and positive points if you’re writing an extended review.
  • For a brief critical review (one page or less), it’s higher to incorporate a paragraph of positive aspects and another of negative ones.
  • If your critique is additional positive than negative, then sequence the negative points initial and therefore the positive last.
  • If your critique is additional negative than positive, then sequence the positive points first and the negative last.
  • Make sure that your judgments or opinions are well supported by proof from the initial text and alternative sources.
  • Think about WHO may realize the text helpful, whether or not it has easy or complicated and whether it provides new answers to established queries. What form of conclusions will it reach?


  • This is typically confer in an exceedingly very short section or one paragraph.
  • Restate your overall opinions of the text (summarise your small print however don’t repeat your words precisely. Use totally different words and phrases).
  • Briefly gift recommendations if this can be acceptable for the review.

Disclaimer: Services provided here are only for Novelty, Education and Entertainment purposes only.